Can Tho Heritage Marathon 2022

2022-12-04 • 5

1511 Participants • 751 Women • 760 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Placefinish time
56799Mao Quoc Toi Male 15+11100:16:06.2
55836Le Hoang Thuong Male 15+22200:16:31.8
51956Phung Hai Thuan Male 15+33300:17:05.1
56392Nguyen Son Ha Male 15+44400:18:12.2
58697Le Vu Duy Male 15+55500:18:12.9
51632Phung Cong Vinh Male 15+66600:18:15.7
55857Vo Hoang Hieu Male 15+77700:18:29.6
56779Le Cong Thanh Male 01-1488100:18:30.4
50089van Tan Thai Male 15+99800:19:12.1
52203Duong Thanh Binh Male 15+1010900:19:29.0
56794Tran Ngoc Nam Male 15+11111000:19:32.2
56777Nguyen Dang Yen Huynh Female 15+121100:19:36.0
57799Nguyen Hong Gia Bao Male 01-141312200:19:59.0
50336Bui Phu de Male 01-141413300:20:06.2
57235La Hoang Duy Kha Male 15+15141100:20:06.3
52266Tran Tan Luan Male 01-141615400:20:11.5
53538Pham Tien Phat Male 15+17161200:20:20.7
51448Nguyen Gia Bao Male 15+18171300:20:29.0
54823Thai Minh Thien Male 01-141918500:20:29.0
50640Nguyen van Dien Male 01-142019600:20:29.6
57999Dang Thi To Nhu Female 01-14212100:20:31.9
53097Le Thi Thien Trang Female 15+223200:20:47.8
57602Tran Phuc Loc Male 15+23201400:20:48.3
58094Nguyen Thi Hong Yen Female 01-14244200:20:57.5
51123Vo Ngoc Loc Male 01-142521700:20:59.5
57453Phan Quoc Huy Male 15+26221500:21:12.3
56317Ho Ngoc Bao Long Male 01-142723800:21:15.2
57464Dang Dang Minh Male 15+28241600:21:42.4
57979Huynh Nhan Hieu Male 01-142925900:21:43.0
57653Nguyen van Sang Male 15+30261700:22:02.9
55699To Tan Dat Male 15+31271800:22:14.0
56521Mai Thi Nhu Tuyen Female 01-14325300:22:17.4
57178Nguyen Hoang Nam Male 15+33281900:22:22.3
54683Nguyen Anh Tuan Male 01-1434291000:22:27.7
59271Tran Thi Lan Female 15+356300:22:37.5
55924Lam Y My Male 15+36302000:22:37.8
56788Truong Thi Tiet Minh Female 15+377400:22:43.0
56261Mai Phuc Thinh Male 15+38312100:22:52.8
59400Vuong My Phuong Female 01-14398400:22:54.6
50170Vo Thanh Hang Female 15+409500:22:55.5

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Name: Can Tho Heritage Marathon 2022
Date: 2022-12-04
Location: Can Tho, Vietnam
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