I-Cup Good Vibes at Desert Canyons

2021-03-27 • Shredder Girls [Up to 12]

10 Participants • 10 Women • 0 Men

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774Kennedy BrynerShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:24:17.61
119Taylor AllenShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:26:36.72
838Tessa MathesonShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:28:22.43
403Alexis LaMayShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:28:43.94
965Louella ZurcherShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:28:55.05
540Elsie RolfsonShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:33:45.56
664Danika ArmstrongShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:34:07.07
903Emmy RuscheShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:35:03.68
333Maya HolleyShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:38:04.09
482Breanna NielsonShredder Girls [Up to 12]00:46:50.710
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