I-Cup Good Vibes at Desert Canyons

2021-03-27 • Shredder Boys [Up to 12]

30 Participants • 0 Women • 30 Men

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983Ryder HornerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:21:13.31
515Asa PulleyShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:21:32.02
538Wells RobertsonShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:22:14.03Accel Cycling Team
192Eli ChristensenShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:22:34.24
594Isaac SumnerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:22:36.15
382Matthew KeithShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:23:16.16
310Zane HeatonShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:23:24.57
521Jacob QuebodeauxShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:24:41.98
215Miles CrockettShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:25:10.49
882Tyson PetersonShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:25:24.510
689Bryce CardShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:25:29.011
752Spencer GardnerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:25:50.512Maybird
748Jace GardnerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:26:08.713
728Bryson FarrellShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:26:25.514
294Austin HarkerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:26:26.715
619Andrew VillinskiShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:26:43.816Accel Cycling Team
433Mason MansellShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:26:47.417Accel Cycling Team
863Calvin MullShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:27:14.418
112Neil AlexanderShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:27:25.419
799Tatem JenkinsShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:27:25.620
832Cody LowShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:27:34.921
776Mckay HolmShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:29:51.722
978JAK KnappShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:30:10.423Maybird
703Boston CryerShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:30:14.024
181Austin BusathShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:30:22.425
213Liam CrockettShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:30:45.826
148Aiden BarrettShredder Boys [Up to 12]00:35:33.927
826Jacob LawrenceShredder Boys [Up to 12]
870Jj FrandsenShredder Boys [Up to 12]TOBIQ
906Porter RuscheShredder Boys [Up to 12]
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