Autism Awareness Day 3k

2021-03-30 • Virtual 3km

130 Participants • 112 Women • 18 Men

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WatchViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
1Shakeel NooraliM30-34
2Lindsay BurnsF30-34
3Joshua SebreeM35-39
4Jennifer BurnsF35-3900:26:21.0
5Karen WortmanF40-4400:34:11.0
6Carla WortmanF40-4400:34:11.0
7WENDY PATTONF65-6900:34:58.0
8Jana LukerF60-64
9Melanie SpulnickF19-
10Ann WilsonF45-4900:42:48.0
11Rob WilsonM45-4900:42:28.0
12Kyla DuguayF45-49
13Jackie ThurstonF40-4400:18:35.0
14Laura WeekesF45-4900:42:22.0
15Robyn WardleF45-4900:29:04.0
16Christine ArsenaultF45-4900:20:33.0
17Lindsay GlassF40-4400:30:43.0
18Heather GreatrexF50-5400:21:45.0
19Meghan GrovesF45-4900:35:05.0
20Darleah Kostyniuk-CodaF45-4900:19:23.0
21Glenn RuizM75-7902:00:00.0
22Tina ChapmanF35-3900:04:00.0
23Sabrina GauthierF25-2900:28:32.0
24Jonnie PanetoF40-4401:45:15.0
25Deanna F45-4900:22:03.0
26Tracy DuvalF19-
27Nikki KingF35-3900:36:28.0
28Chase HollahanM19-00:11:22.0
29Kelly HollahanF40-4400:34:32.0
30Jessica SutherlandF20-24
31Kim BlaorF45-4900:59:12.0
32Bianca QuintanillaF35-3900:47:44.0
33Michael MartinM35-39
34Steve WoodM50-5400:11:52.0
35Catherine ViroulaudF45-49
36April NelsonF45-4900:50:50.0
37Sheryl DeaconF65-6900:30:48.0
38Eric ChamberlandM50-5400:15:44.0
39Anne BeaudinF19-
40Ana FloresF40-44

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Name: Autism Awareness Day 3k
Start Date: 2021-03-03
End Date: 2021-12-31
Location: Virtual
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