Rock 'n' Roll Savannah

2018-11-04 • 1Mile

578 Participants • 378 Women • 200 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankGender PlaceOfficial Time
40433Mark Newman1100:05:29.0
40589Jon Hovenus2200:05:40.0
40387Bobby Scott3300:05:45.0
40382Andre Ho Lung4400:05:53.0
40019Andrew Chan5500:06:06.0
40319Darren Lampley6600:06:06.0
40007Chris Cardona7700:06:06.0
40196Stephen Stewart8800:06:09.0
40072Ryan Funkhouser9900:06:10.0
40004Libby Le Tourneau10100:06:10.0
40023Leonid Nevar111000:06:19.0
40009Brendan Putnam121100:06:28.0
40435Michael Guye131200:06:28.0
40131Adam Selvey14200:06:35.0
40434Chloe Hoover15300:06:35.0
40103Claire Nobles16400:06:36.0
40322Tucker Connors171300:06:38.0
40252Joey Miller181400:06:38.0
40003Gary Frost201600:06:41.0
40031John Hassett211700:06:42.0
40006Charley Irons221800:06:42.0
40429Brookly Thompson23500:06:45.0
40263Sarah Batt24600:06:48.0
40002Cameron Scott251900:06:48.0
40398Jeff Finnie262000:06:49.0
40476Ty Murray302400:07:00.0
40326Darius Holsey312500:07:00.0
40024Katie Bonilla32700:07:00.0
40566Jack Conneely332600:07:01.0
40573Cristian Brijalba342700:07:04.0
40025Holly Barilla35800:07:11.0
40064Justin Hingle362800:07:11.0
40572Kaleb Galan372900:07:16.0
40436Crystal Nguyen38900:07:19.0
40304Tyler Smith393000:07:21.0
40012Marco Pellegrom413100:07:24.0
40042Dawn Blume421100:07:25.0
40454Charles Cook433200:07:26.0
40544Breck Lewis443300:07:27.0
40439Karin Richardson451200:07:28.0

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Name: Rock 'n' Roll Savannah
Start Date: 2018-11-03
End Date: 2018-11-04
Location: Savannah, GA
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