Course College Sainte-Anne

2018-09-14 • Results

1864 Participants • 15 Women • 9 Men

Average Time: 01:04:25
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryCat. Placelapsdistance
1852 779Xiang LiangGROUPE-2113312.00
1853 1581Antonia GalloGROUPE-5013512.00
1854 1865Tanyssa LegaultGROUPE-5092912.00
1855 1512Melina Fillion LauzonGROUPE-4103112.00
1856 1032Panagiota NtinasGROUPE-3072812.00
1735 33Benjamin TuracGROUPE-1013324.00
1857 1121William DugasGROUPE-3103412.00
1858 948Vincent Di FrancescoGROUPE-3053612.00
1859 1137George Alexander MenisGROUPE-3103512.00
1736 571Alexander SemeraroGROUPE-2053124.00

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Name: Course College Sainte-Anne
Date: 2018-09-14
Location: Lachine, QC
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