Coca-Cola LONG RUN

2018-04-20 • Half Marathon

210 Participants • 58 Women • 116 Men

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WatchViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. PlaceSplit 1Split 2Split 3Official Time
H2001Abdul WahidM-OPEN
H2002Abdul Wahid HamidM-OPEN
H2003Abdulla SaleemM-OPEN
H2004Abdulla ShujauM-OPEN
H2005Abdulla IbrahimM-OPEN
H2006Abdulla Humaid Abdul RazzagM-OPEN
H2007Adam IyazM-OPEN
H2008Adam AthifM-OPEN
H2009Ahmed ShamoonM-OPEN
H2010Ahmed DidiM-OPEN
H2011Ahmed SalimM-OPEN
H2012Ahmed MoominM-OPEN
H2013Ahmed Shazir SaeedM-OPEN
H2014Ahmed RasheedM-OPEN
H2015Ahmed HaishamM-OPEN
H2016Ahmed SunilM-OPEN
H2017Ahmed AreefM-OPEN
H2018Ahmed Asad HashimM-OPEN
H2019Ahmed Imdhaah MohamedM-OPEN
H2020Aishath ShafeenazF-OPEN
H2021Aishath MadeehaF-OPEN
H2022Aishath ShuweikarF-OPEN
H2023Aishath InaaF-OPEN
H2024Aishath NathashaF-OPEN
H2025Aishath Rubeena NaseemF-OPEN
H2026Aminath SunnythaF-OPEN
H2027Aminath LiusaF-OPEN
H2028Athira RasheedF-OPEN
H2029Farhan MohamedM-OPEN
H2030Fathimath NizamF-OPEN
H2031Fathimath SheezaF-OPEN
H2032Fathimath MohamedF-OPEN
H2033Fathmath NasiraF-OPEN
H2034Fazeela YoosufF-OPEN
H2035Hamzath AbdullaM-OPEN
H2036Hassan MohamedM-OPEN
H2037Hassan Muzni MohamedM-OPEN
H2038Husna MohamedF-OPEN
H2039Ibrahim NasyhM-OPEN
H2040Ibrahim AzleenM-OPEN

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Name: Coca-Cola LONG RUN
Date: 2018-04-20
Location: Male, Hulhumale
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