Champions Challenge Certificates- Somersault Race Series

2017-12-08 • Age Category Points Winners

118 Participants • 47 Women • 71 Men

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seriesNameCategoryage group series placepoints
Somersault Duathlon SeriesWilliam KingstonMen 40-441st Place2795
Somersault Duathlon SeriesMarco CoteMen 45-491st Place3000
Somersault Duathlon SeriesLuc LapenseeMen 45-492nd Place2985
Somersault Duathlon SeriesChristian VaillancourtMen 45-493rd Place2965
Somersault Duathlon SeriesFrederic GuilbeaultMen 45-494th Place2685
Somersault Duathlon SeriesMarc-Jean GagneMen 55-591st Place2915
Somersault Duathlon SeriesRob HaggartyMen 55-592nd Place2810
Somersault Duathlon SeriesTony BettinoMen 55-593rd Place2660
Somersault Duathlon SeriesMark ArmstrongMen 70-741st Place2610
Somersault Duathlon SeriesNeil SerresMen 75-791st Place2705
Somersault Duathlon SeriesTanya MirskyWomen 40-441st Place2855
Somersault Duathlon SeriesRobyn DicesareWomen 50-541st Place2905
Somersault Duathlon SeriesMelanie StricklandWomen 50-542nd Place2755
Somersault Duathlon SeriesAlison HaggartyWomen 55-591st Place2760
Somersault Duathlon SeriesPatricia KonantzWomen 60-641st Place2910
Somersault Duathlon SeriesJane ArmstrongWomen 60-642nd Place2815
Somersault Duathlon SeriesJan GilroyWomen 60-643rd Place2700
Somersault Junior Run SeriesAlexandre MorinMen 13 and under1st Place2975
Somersault Junior Run SeriesDavid GallantMen 13 and under2nd Place2855
Somersault Junior Run SeriesRiley GoldsmithMen 13 and under3rd Place2815
Somersault Junior Run SeriesJames GallantMen 14-151st Place2720
Somersault Junior Run SeriesJuliette MorinWomen 13 and under1st Place2820
Somersault Run SeriesMitchell WhiteClydesdale1st Place2735
Somersault Run SeriesFelix GohierMen 25-291st Place2835
Somersault Run SeriesCory RobinsonMen 35-391st Place2995
Somersault Run SeriesPatrick SaundersMen 35-392nd Place2995
Somersault Run SeriesPeter MoodyMen 35-393rd Place2930
Somersault Run SeriesJeff EdwardsMen 40-441st Place2580
Somersault Run SeriesCarl HabelMen 50-541st Place2965
Somersault Run SeriesJean-Charles RochonMen 50-542nd Place2555
Somersault Run SeriesMarc-Jean GagneMen 55-591st Place2935
Somersault Run SeriesAlex VukovicMen 55-592nd Place2875
Somersault Run SeriesMichael ArtsMen 55-593rd Place2810
Somersault Run SeriesAndre LaroucheMen 55-594th Place2750
Somersault Run SeriesRafeek MohamedMen 60-641st Place2950
Somersault Run SeriesMarjan CencenMen 60-642nd Place2915
Somersault Run SeriesBrian SmithMen 65-691st Place2900
Somersault Run SeriesRoger CobbledickMen 70-741st Place2790
Somersault Run SeriesVolkert BobeldijkMen 80+1st Place2655
Somersault Run SeriesNana KwamenaWomen 35-391st Place2650

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Name: Champions Challenge Certificates- Somersault Race Series
Start Date: 2017-12-08
End Date: 2018-01-01
Location: Ottawa, ON
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