Moose Chase - 2017

2017-02-18 • 3k Skate

32 Participants • 15 Women • 17 Men

Average Time: 00:17:44
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
226Nate STREUBEL3k Skate M 9-1011100:09:51.4
232Peter WARNER3k Skate M 11-1222100:10:39.1
223Liam PETERSON3k Skate M 11-1233200:11:49.6
242Finn EIDEM3k Skate M 11-1244300:12:30.8
235Lucas WILMOT3k Skate M 9-1055200:12:37.7
203Elsie HALL3k Skate F 11-1261100:12:45.0
212Jacob COLLINS3k Skate M 11-1276400:12:50.2
228James TOLSON3k Skate M 9-1087300:13:40.6
224Colton PETSCH3k Skate M 8 and Under98100:14:22.3
215Daisha JACOBY3k Skate F 9-10102100:14:58.3
219Bradford KING3k Skate M 9-10119400:15:15.0
221Liam LOGAN3k Skate M 9-101210500:15:16.7
217Gavin KEELIN3k Skate M 11-121311500:16:20.0
231Sadie WACHOB3k Skate F 9-10143200:16:32.8
214Sam HUTCHINSON3k Skate M 9-101512600:16:47.3
216Salim JACOBY3k Skate F 8 and Under164100:17:28.7
229Olivia TOLSON3k Skate F 9-10175300:17:32.2
211William BAXTER3k Skate M 9-101813700:17:32.4
230Raina WACHOB3k Skate F 8 and Under196200:17:38.4
234Braylon WILLCOX3k Skate M 8 and Under2014200:18:31.5
227Ellie TOLSON3k Skate F 9-10217400:18:45.4
153Taryn MOE3k Skate F 8 and Under228300:18:55.0
233Addison WILLCOX3k Skate F 9-10239500:18:55.9
238Julie WALLACE3k Skate F 13-142410100:20:03.8
236Sita YEOMANS3k Skate F 8 and Under2511400:23:03.8
220Anders LOGAN3k Skate M 8 and Under2615300:23:23.7
237Elizabeth LOGAN3k Skate F 13-142712200:23:24.6
218Shane KEELIN3k Skate M 9-102816800:26:08.8
243Libby HALL3k Skate F 13-142913300:26:51.9
213Whit HALL3k Skate M 8 and Under3017400:26:51.9
239Becca MOLL3k Skate F 11-123114200:28:17.0
225Aurora STILES3k Skate F 11-12

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