Sarasota Draft Legal - POSTPONED

2020-03-14 • Age Group Non-Draft Race

99 Participants • 32 Women • 67 Men

The International Triathlon Union, in consultation with USA Triathlon, the local organizing committee and the authorities of Florida, announced they have been forced to postponed this weekends event due to the rapidly evolving situation surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19).
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceSwimBikeRunFinish
301Marin BOGRADF14-
302Jayme BOGRADF40-44
303Laura HARRISF60-64
304Jessica LICKSTEINF15-19
305Kendi JONESF20-24
306Kelly SUMMERSF55-59
307Almog HOROWITZF14-
308Justine GOODMANF65-69
309Dana Ann SCHEURERF70-74
310Janet COONCEF40-44
311Jade ALLENF14-
312Megan HUYNHF25-29
313Linda BAYNEF55-59
314Michele HEMMINGF50-54
315Becky CALDWELLF60-64
316Courtney RIESF35-39
317Christine BRENNANF50-54
318Ann VESTLEF65-69
319Faith POWELLF15-19
320Tracy LORENZF50-54
321Kathy POLONF65-69
322Irene MOROF15-19
323Jennifer DAGNALLF45-49
324Stephanie RODRIGUEZF45-49
325Daphne ELLIOTTF50-54
326Mandy ZIPFF55-59
327Julia IGLESIASF20-24
328Heather ZIEBARTF20-24
329Jordan CARMANF20-24
330Lori VASQUEZF55-59
331Elizabeth MERRIKENF45-49
332Charlie KNOPFF20-24
333Tom BUCHANANM55-59
334Scott GANNONM55-59
335Mark KOBIEM50-54
336Kevin BERKENBUSCHM25-29
337Christopher VAN TIEMM30-34
338Bill CORNISHM60-64
339Asher BOGRADM14-
340Benjamin BOGRADM40-44

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