2019-06-09 • 5 KM

5590 Participants • 3687 Women • 1903 Men

Average Time: 00:39:06
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
1 9307Andre-Luc OuelletM20-291100:16:32.8
2 17612Michael CoteM30-392100:16:42.9
3 8538Maxime CantinM30-393200:17:02.6
4 6510Mathieu RobitailleM20-294200:17:03.9
5 16012Samuel BolducM30-395300:17:13.9
6 9436Jean-Francois CauchonM20-296300:17:28.7
7 12210Pier-Luc GirardM20-297400:17:37.8
8 11352Philip HammondM30-398400:17:39.9
9 14815Mathieu GauthierM30-399500:17:40.2
10 16453Jonathan GirardM30-3910600:17:44.8

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