NCSSAA Nordic Ski Championships (Day 1)

2019-02-12 • Novice Girls

34 Participants • 34 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 00:25:24
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Comp.ViewBIBNameschoolCategoryRankOfficial Time
36Lisa McMinnEomHIGH SCHOOL100:15:36.1
42Elena WilsonSt. MarksHIGH SCHOOL200:16:13.6
53Josephine ElderLisgarHIGH SCHOOL300:16:37.1
52Samira MehdiEomHIGH SCHOOL400:16:55.8
45Katie JenkinsLisgarHIGH SCHOOL500:17:11.6
61Sherry WuEomHIGH SCHOOL600:17:36.9
46Isabelle NgoLdhHIGH SCHOOL700:18:38.2
35Astrid RussellLisgarHIGH SCHOOL800:18:47.4
34Rebecca DeslauriersBdHIGH SCHOOL900:18:52.3
50Maria BettyLisgarHIGH SCHOOL1000:19:02.4
41Faye YangLdhHIGH SCHOOL1100:19:36.2
25Sara ArmstrongLdhHIGH SCHOOL1200:19:44.3
23Anais KiplingLisgarHIGH SCHOOL1300:20:25.4
27Meredith ChaplinMerivaleHIGH SCHOOL1400:20:33.1
57Elyssa GrantAyHIGH SCHOOL1500:20:48.7
29Greta Mader StevensCbHIGH SCHOOL1600:20:50.9
62Laura CrossMerivaleHIGH SCHOOL1700:21:19.8
44Angela ChenEomHIGH SCHOOL1800:21:38.1
51Vanessa DorionBdHIGH SCHOOL1900:22:29.2
59Renee BelandBdHIGH SCHOOL2000:22:36.8
54Zoe Gingras-TheriaultAshburyHIGH SCHOOL2100:22:41.0
31Sara JafferEomHIGH SCHOOL2200:23:24.9
56Kelsie MacdonaldSt. MarksHIGH SCHOOL2300:23:50.1
22Nadia LoderSt. MarksHIGH SCHOOL2400:24:35.6
38Neeharika Boni BangariLdhHIGH SCHOOL2500:25:42.5
60Abigail MacmillanLdhHIGH SCHOOL2600:27:31.1
40Kaitlin AubreySt. MarksHIGH SCHOOL2700:27:33.6
58Celestina OnabajoLdhHIGH SCHOOL2800:29:41.5
37Brooklyn AntleSt. MarksHIGH SCHOOL2900:33:24.2
33Abigail McKinleySt. MarksHIGH SCHOOL3000:35:54.6
28Ruqiya AhmedLdhHIGH SCHOOL3100:38:47.6
55Lexi MartinSt. MarksHIGH SCHOOL3200:39:40.8
30Irene Diaz De GrenuBrookfieldHIGH SCHOOL3301:01:14.6
43Susana Gonzalez SahagunBrookfieldHIGH SCHOOL3401:03:51.8

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